Announcing the Simbi Newsfeed

You know what’s most special about Simbi? The incredible things that our members do here — for each other — day in and day out.

You are the magic makers.

Our job is to give you the tools to share your gifts and help each other fly. To that end, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can better connect you to one another.

Today, we’re excited to release our latest feature: the Simbi Newsfeed.

With the Newsfeed, you are able to discover new services, meet active members, and witness the bounty of what’s happening in the symbiotic economy every day. As you follow people, your feed will become more personalized — giving you recommendations and insight from the people you trust.


How It Works

1. Check out to view your Newsfeed (you must be logged in).

Follow Button | Simbi2. Personalize your Newsfeed by following members you care about. Just hit the “Follow” button on a member’s profile.

3. Your Newsfeed will update automatically every time someone in your network gets symbiotic.


That’s it! A few clicks and you can stay updated on the activity that’s most relevant to you. Discover favorites, learn what services your friends enjoy most, and find new and exciting ways to deepen your symbiotic journey.

We hope that the Simbi Newsfeed brings more value and abundance to your life by making the experience ever more human. Enjoy!

The Simbi Team


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