Household Goods: Now On The Simbi Market!

We’re excited to announce a whole new way to earn and spend simbi. Now you can buy, sell, and trade your Household Goods on the Simbi Market!

Yep — that means you can furnish your house, score some vintage clothes, or decorate your office desk with your credits.

Wait, I thought only services were allowed on Simbi?

Not anymore. We started with services to build out the people-helping-people community ethic that has made Simbi unique. Last year, we expanded into handmade arts and crafts via the Simbi MarketWe’re confident that the time has come to add support for goods after seeing so many of you ready take your Simbi business to other parts of daily life. 

Why goods?

By recycling our treasures through trade, we reduce waste while also bringing delight to others in our community. Having household goods on the Market will make it easy to give people things you no longer need and in turn get goods or services that you DO want. Everybody wins!

What sort of things can we post on the Market? What’s not allowed?

Anything you bought or obtained for yourself but then decided to pass along qualifies as a pre-owned good. Make sure items you post are in good condition and may still be useful to a new owner. Use real images that fully and properly represent the item you’re selling and anything that can’t be captured with a camera should be written in the description. A list of prohibited items on the Household Goods marketplace may be found here.

Popular items might include:
  • Electronics and accessories
  • Toys and games
  • Lightly worn high-quality clothing
  • Baby & Kid Stuff
  • Collectibles & Hobby Items
  • CDs, DVDs, Books & Comics

How can I share this with my network?

After listing your goods on the Simbi Market, you can promote your posts via standard methods like email and social networks by clicking the share button on the listing. We also recommend posting the items you are offering on 3rd party networks like Facebook Trade/Barter Groups or Nextdoor to cast a wider net.

How do I get started?  
  1. Visit the Used Goods section of the Simbi Market:
  2. Complete the new product form with a detailed description and at least one clear, current photo of your item. Include how quickly you will be able to ship the item after it is ordered. If you are charging for shipping in dollars, please note that shipping costs are capped at $30 — so don’t post anything large that will cost more than that to ship unless you want to incur the costs yourself.
  3. If this is the first time you’re posting an item on the Simbi Market and the item requires a shipping charge, you will be asked to input your reimbursement information for Stripe. You must have a valid US bank card. Unfortunately, we do not currently support shipping to or from other countries.
  4. Share your item to your social networks to generate interest and buzz.
  5. Wait for a buyer to bite!
  6. Once you have an order, it’s up to you to ship your items out in a timely manner, get your simbi credits, and trade them in for something you DO want. Voilá!


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