Simbi Community Letter #9: How to help Simbi grow in your community

April 2022  Community Letter

Hello Simbians!

As our world emerges from two years living through a pandemic, many people are more than ready to have social gatherings and rebuild community through in-person events. What better way to build community than through the mutual exchange of services?

Simbi has been helping its members improve their skills and build community through the exchange of services since 2015. Since transitioning to a non-profit organization in 2021, Simbi is even more committed to its goals of building each other up.

All of us have skills and talents that can help others. From creating graphic design materials for a new business to teaching someone how to prepare for an emergency, the list of services available on Simbi is virtually endless.

If you’re a long-time Simbi member and regular user of the platform, you probably already know its power to build community, help people build up their skills, and create friendships. Why not share the love and help others become familiar with the opportunities that await them?

Here are some ideas for hosting a Simbi party and helping others to find the services they need.

Simbi sign-up party

If your friends are unfamiliar with Simbi, why not host a party where they can sign up to become active members? Make it both fun and useful by starting with a brainstorming session about people’s skills and talents. Build up the energy and confidence in the room by telling each other something you might like to learn from them. You can then show your guests how to sign up for Simbi so they can start trading. To make a lasting impact, you can suggest initial trades with the people in the room if you have common interests.

Simbi Sharing Skills party

Another way to host a fun Simbi party is to focus on sharing skills. Chat with some friends ahead of time and see what people might be willing to present or share for 20 minutes to a half hour. For example, say one of your friends is a dancer, another friend likes to make bread, another friend is an artist, and you like to write poems. Perhaps each of you can chat about your passion for 20 minutes and teach your other friends a little about it.

Simbi Showcase party

One way to keep the passion for community building alive is to have follow-ups to a previous party. For example, if you’re hosting a Simbi skillshare party, you could ask the attendees if they would be interested in working on a new project to present at a party later on. Let’s say one of your friends has taught a few steps of a dance. Perhaps the people who have learned the steps can put a short dance routine together to present at a future party. Or maybe an artist friend has shared some knowledge about painting. You could have an “art show” to demonstrate what you have all worked on since the skillshare. The options are endless, and having a showcase party would help to keep everyone accountable for continuing to work on their new skills.

Helping Simbi grow in your community

Hosting a Simbi party is a great way to help Simbi and the symbiotic economy grow in your community. Did you know you can earn up to 50 simbi per friend you refer to our website? Be sure to check the Invite Friends page for more information. This could be one way to get the word out about Simbi before hosting your party!

mariana headshot

Newsletter written by Mariana Abeid-McDougall, volunteer Simbi freelance writer.

Mariana Abeid-McDougall is a freelance writer and a long-time member of the community. She’s thrilled to be a volunteer writer for Simbi. You can read more of her writing at, and check out her Simbi offerings here.


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