Simbi Community Letter #8: When things go bad, we have each other

March 2022  Community Letter

Hello Simbians!

It can be hard to grapple with the scale of senseless suffering, waste, pollution, and hatred that war creates. Even so, most of us are watching from afar, or avoiding watching if we can help it, as we all hope for the best outcomes possible.

Like in a natural disaster, the people actually affected by war had nothing to do with causing it, and are forced to focus on surviving and persevering until it ends. And that happens not alone, but together.

Whether a human disaster is natural or man-made, it inevitably brings out the best in those directly affected. Food, clothes, medical care, shelter — in an emergency, the pretense of money easily dissolves. Of course, price gouging and the like do happen, but almost always by people who aren’t directly experiencing the emergency along with those who require immediate help.

During previous large-scale emergencies in Simbi’s early years, the team created a dedicated page for relief efforts of any kind to coalesce. Because Simbi doesn’t historically have very many members from Ukraine (around 0.15% of our total visits), we aren’t planning any particular specialized effort to promote Simbi’s use for the current crisis. However, we definitely do think that Simbi’s community exchange infrastructure could be be of help in coordinating help for refugees or others outside the immediate war zone.

If you know anyone remotely affected by the current crisis who you think might be able to use Simbi as a resource, please don’t hesitate to share it with them! Especially in this case, Simbi’s small volunteer team will do all we can to make sure any help requests posted to have the maximum possible chance at fulfillment. And of course, if you think you have a way that you could help, please do create an offer on the Simbi relief page!

Simbi’s web platform platform, and the non-speculative community currency that drives our symbiotic mutual aid economy, will always be free for individuals to join and use.
That being said, there are some things we aren’t able to trade skills for, such as web hosting, and other monthly expenses that can be seen on our Operational Expenses page. As a nonprofit organization, we are deeply appreciative of all ongoing financial support we receive from our member community, and please keep in mind, all donations are tax deductible!

Reminder: send simbi credits directly!

Simbi members can now send credits directly to other members, no negotiation required! It works a lot like Venmo or PayPal, but within the Simbi community. The memo line you add for the payment will even create a request listing in your account that you can re-use later! Let us know what you think!
Give it a try:
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That’s it for now! New year, same dedication to building sustainable networks of mutual credit & mutual aid! As always, reach out any time with questions or ideas to!
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