Simbi Community Letter #6: It’s 2022! What will the year hold?

January 2022  Community Letter

Hello Simbians!
A new year is upon us all! Despite the overwhelming public health challenges we face as a society, and all the downstream effects on our economic and social lives, there’s also lots of reason for optimism that the tide may start to turn this year!
Real-life interaction between Simbi members in the same localities has been a core part of Simbi since its earliest days, as far back as 2016. In 2022, we want to get back to that focus, but we must do so in ways that feel safe and comfortable for all participants. Will we be able to return to helping Simbi members organize and grow local in-person Simbi meetups and Swaps in the first half of this year? We sure hope so!
In the meantime, most member interaction these days is still virtual/remote, which is useful for many Simbi members, but does tend to restrict the breadth and types of help and service that can be provided. Simbi’s community economy definitely works best — and grows sustainably — when both local and online exchange can happen seamlessly.
In the meantime, can you think of new ways to use Simbi in your daily life, with neighbors, acquaintances, or friends? We think the new Simbi Send feature (see below) is a great way to enable more in-person Simbi-ing. Let us know what you think!
Simbi’s web platform platform, and the non-speculative community currency that drives our symbiotic mutual aid economy, will always be free for individuals to join and use.
That being said, there are some things we aren’t able to trade skills for, such as web hosting, and other monthly expenses that can be seen on our Operational Expenses page. As a nonprofit organization, we are deeply appreciative of all ongoing financial support we receive from our member community, and please keep in mind, all donations are tax deductible!

Reminder: send simbi credits directly!

Simbi members can now send credits directly to other members, no negotiation required! It works a lot like Venmo or PayPal, but within the Simbi community. The memo line you add for the payment will even create a request listing in your account that you can re-use later! Let us know what you think!
Give it a try:
For more, see our blog or changelog!
Supporters keep Simbi growing!
Becoming a recurring donor is the most impactful gesture of support Simbi members can make. Special thanks to new Supporter in December Trazanna
To become a Simbi Supporter, just activate the mega-badge on your profile to get started!
Volunteer badge
Wanna get involved?
Volunteer now!
Volunteers keep Simbi going!
As a small non-profit organization, Simbi relies on volunteers to operate! Connect with other volunteers on our new Discord Server (current member count: 27) to let us know how you can help Simbi move forward!
Simbi is also on Simbi! Check out our current volunteer requests to see how your skills could help improve the Simbi experience for everyone in the community, and get some simbi credits to spend!
That’s it for now! New year, same dedication to building sustainable networks of mutual credit & mutual aid! As always, reach out any time with questions or ideas to!
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