“Anyone that lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination”

KJ Simbi Pic AbundanceOur simbi income lets us tap into experiences our income might not. How many of us can afford to spend our hard-earned cash on luxuries like salsa dancing lessons, a personal stylist, or someone to plan our dream vacation? How many of us have access to wellness services like reiki healing or yoga therapy?

So long as we continue to rely on a single salary, paid in single currency suppressed by corporate interests, we risk being barred from some of life’s most transformative experiences. But as Simbi members, we have the opportunity to take part in a radically new economy — where the impossible becomes possible, and possibility is prosperity.

Take advantage of it.

To get the most out of Simbi, here are 3 things every new member should know:

You can receive before you give

Many new members post a service and then sit back, waiting for people to come to them. The most successful members, however, take the bull by the horn. They start reaching out and connecting, receiving services and showing their gratitude. Believe it or not, spending your simbi is the best possible thing you could do for the community. It gives your fellow members an opportunity to give, and it allows them to circulate their simbi to improve their own lives. In the Symbiotic Economy, it all comes back to us eventually.

It’s all about each other

It’s easy to forget how diverse and interesting the strangers around us can be, especially as we tend to talk to the same people every day. On Simbi, you are guaranteed to find an abundance of individuals who are unique, passionate, and inspiring. These are some of the best and kindest people in your city. Meet them. Get to know them. Treat them like family. We all joined Simbi so we could connect and serve one another, so why hesitate? I guarantee you it will lead to some of the most affirming interactions of your life. It certainly has in mine.

It never hurts to ask

Fear of rejection is perhaps the most common barrier to human connection on the planet. How many opportunities have we lost to shyness? If you’re concerned people won’t want your service in exchange for theirs, then provide them with two options. You can say: “I’m interested in getting a massage from you, I’d be willing to exchange [your service], or I can compensate you with simbi.” Providing options makes you more likely to find a match. And if you do get a “no” — then ask someone else! Remember that people join Simbi because they want to connect and spread their talents to the world — so don’t fret. Just assume the best, act your best, and the best will come to you.

If we keep these 3 things in mind, we’ll get to experience Simbi for what it truly is — a human economy. One that prioritizes people over profits, individuals over corporations, and most importantly, love over greed.

All you have to do is say yes.


This was part 3 of 3 of a series written by CEO & Founder of Simbi, KJ Erickson. To learn more about Simbi, or join the Symbiotic Economy, please visit our site at simbi.com


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