A message to all Simbi community members

from the Founder of Heart of Avalon, Paul Melville

As you may have heard, Simbi is now under the care and guidance of Heart of Avalon, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation. We are committed to supporting the Simbi community and helping you, the members of it, to grow and to thrive. I want you to spend a moment to learn why Heart of Avalon is doing this.

I want you to think of a time in your life that you helped someone without being asked, maybe even without thinking about it, and you felt warm inside when you did it—warm inside just like being in love.

No doubt, you are wondering what this has to do with Heart of Avalon or Simbi. For me, Heart of Avalon started, in 2011, as an ideal. I envisioned a community where abundance, sharing, and healing were the norms—where people helped each other as a way of life. I began, locally, to create and foster that kind of community. Along the way I noticed many others doing the same, each in their own community. My vision expanded to imagine how to bring this ideal into reality in the world, and not just locally. I began to look for a way to bring forth this reality as a network of communities that would grow and expand to the entire world.

Have you ever had the right answer unfold in front of you?

Earlier this year, I had the unexpected and joyful opportunity to meet with Kjerstin Erickson, the Founder of Simbi. We discussed how we each had a vision of a world of greater abundance and people helping each other in a symbiotic economy. Eventually, we both agreed that Heart of Avalon would be a good choice to carry Simbi forward.

Take a moment and envision the world we are building—all of us, together. With Simbi, we are offering our gifts, talents, and skills to enrich each other’s lives. Together, with Simbi, we can find good people to help with our garden projects, to relax and heal, to learn new recipes, to lend some power tools, to meditate together, to remind ourselves how rich and sweet life can be. Look around you—actually look up from this message and look around you right now. There may be people around you that you have not been noticing. You may be somewhere alone. Together, with Simbi, we are connected. Together, with Simbi, we work together. Together, with Simbi, we show that we care.

Heart of Avalon cares. This is why Heart of Avalon supports the Simbi community.

Heart of Avalon’s seven Root Values—Balance, Growth, Foresight, Responsibility, Compassion, Connection, and Trust—are aligned with the spirit of the Simbi community.

You will discover each day that, with Simbi, when you take care of the community, the community takes care of you. As you imagine a world guided by these values, you may notice that it gets easier everyday to make this world more real. Together, with Simbi, we can do it.

Imagine where we’ll be a year from now. As you sweetly invite your friends and family to join Simbi, as you notice more and more people catching the spirit of Simbi, as you discover that, with Simbi, so much support is available to you, as you discover the joy of helping your community members, imagine how sweet and rich life can be just because you choose to share with your community.

Look up and look around again. Simbi is online, but the members are the real people all around you. Together, with Simbi, we are all connected.

Thank you for being a part of the Simbi community!

in dedication and love,


Heart of Avalon mini logo


One of the exciting, new features we plan to release soon is a connection to local Non-Profits and other community causes, allowing Simbi members to receive credits for volunteer work. As a member of the Simbi community, it is likely that you care about local charities and working for the community or environment. You may even have a favorite local charity or community group. Let us know your favorites and together, with Simbi, we can support these worthy causes.

Also, I want you to come and visit the Heart of Avalon website:


You can read a little more about Heart of Avalon, take a moment to review our Root Values, or send us any praise or questions that you have. You may want to revisit the Root Values often, and you may notice that it’s easy to keep one or more of these Values in your mind as a reminder to be the best version of yourself.


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