Simbi Community Letter #4: Here come the holidays!

Simbi is here for you! November 2021  Community Letter  Hello Simbians! As Thanksgiving approaches in the US, we’re thankful to Simbi’s worldwide community of members, donors, and volunteers that keep us humming along on our mission to provide the best mutual aid platform ever! If you’re looking for holiday gift …

Introducing Simbi Experts!

Some people offer services on Simbi as a way to practice, learn, and grow their skills and experience towards future professional goals. Others with existing professional skills offer them out of a desire to give back to nonprofit organizations and individuals in need. We think adding new “Expert” and “Top Expert” level-up badges are a great additional step towards helping everyone in the community get the most out of their Simbi experience!

New for Simbi Supporters and Organizations: Projects!

With the launch of Simbi’s Projects feature, administrators of Simbi nonprofit organizations (as well as individual Simbi Supporters and owners of Standard Organizations!) can break a big, complex needs into multiple associated individual requests, grouped and displayed as a single project!

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