Emmalee: “I Am Rich Without Money”

The following story is written by Emmalee Parr, a member from Porterville, CA. Emmalee is a musician and an artist.

Hey there! I’m Emmalee, a new Simbi user!

I just started using Simbi, and I love how easy it is to connect with people with similar hobbies.

As a young artist, I trade and sell art. On Simbi, I offer my art to people so they can sprinkle a little extra beauty in their lives. I love the idea of my art spread out across the world in millions of different homes. When I create my work, I feel incredibly joyful because so many people have told me how my art impacts their lives.

Selling my art for dollars doesn’t feel right- it devalues my work and experience behind a sketch. On Simbi, I’m not just giving my art for a service- I’m getting to know people behind the screen, their lives, and their stories.

People are becoming too greedy. When we do things for money, the transaction is superficial.

I learned that by putting myself out there, I received so much more than I ever gave. You also might be surprised by how much you’re able to help someone! I can only imagine what great things we can do! Free yourself from the limits of money.

Simbi helps people explore endless possibilities. People who can’t afford certain items in terms of money can simply exchange their services.

Everyone has a talent.

I am rich without money. 

Emmalee Parr

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