Simbi Community Letter #2: Volunteer opportunities & more!

Hello Simbi Community! Last month, we focused on the news that Simbi is now a registered non-profit organization dedicated to individual and community development. This month, Simbi’s volunteer-led team is looking for help! Consider joining our non-profit mission as a Simbi volunteer! 🤝 Volunteer your talents for Simbi and get rewarded! …

Your first Simbi Community Update Letter!

Hello Simbi Community! We’re excited to send our first regular monthly update about Simbi’s progress! Our most exciting news: Simbi is now a registered non-profit! That’s right, Simbi is now an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization! This gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of getting volunteer help, fundraising, and creating …

Introducing Simbi Experts!

Some people offer services on Simbi as a way to practice, learn, and grow their skills and experience towards future professional goals. Others with existing professional skills offer them out of a desire to give back to nonprofit organizations and individuals in need. We think adding new “Expert” and “Top Expert” level-up badges are a great additional step towards helping everyone in the community get the most out of their Simbi experience!

New for Simbi Supporters and Organizations: Projects!

With the launch of Simbi’s Projects feature, administrators of Simbi nonprofit organizations (as well as individual Simbi Supporters and owners of Standard Organizations!) can break a big, complex needs into multiple associated individual requests, grouped and displayed as a single project!

Introducing Simbi Organizations!

Simbi has traditionally only offered individual accounts for its members. A few months ago, we quietly started testing a new set of features to add two new types of accounts for the Simbi community: Professional and Nonprofit Organizations! 

Although they are functionally very similar, each of these new features take important steps toward Simbi’s community goals in their own way. In particular, Nonprofit Organizations will eventually become the most important engine of the Simbi economy.

A message to all Simbi community members

from the Founder of Heart of Avalon, Paul Melville As you may have heard, Simbi is now under the care and guidance of Heart of Avalon, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation. We are committed to supporting the Simbi community and helping you, the members of it, to grow and to thrive. I want you to spend a …

It’s a new era for Simbi!

Dear Simbi Community, Just over 5 years ago, I started Simbi because I believed that the world needed an alternative to the increasingly extractive economic system that we live in. An economic system that built up the rich at the expense of everyone else. An economic system that dehumanized interactions that were previously deeply …

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