Raechel: “To Give and Receive- A Way of Life”

The following story is written by Raechel Winklestine, a member from Norton, Ohio, USA.  Raechel is a quirky human who enjoys nature, wandering, relationships, food, and trying new things. She believes that “living a deep life means truly feeling in your bones, not just our grief, but our joy”.

Simbi is how I wish the world was. I love meeting new people and doing new things, and my deepest passion is building deep relationships of mutual support, encouragement, and enjoyment. This website has opened the door for me to explore so much about others and myself. For example, I have a wonderful piano teacher whom has worked with me, as I have moved across the country because of a family emergency. We have exchanged prayer and hope for one another.

The people I have connected with on here have simply wanted to share life with others and use their skills and passions to help. I’ve been offering a mentor opportunity and when I first started with Simbi I had a lovely lady take advantage of my offer. She kept thanking me for my support and I just kept thinking how grateful and honored I was that she was vulnerable and boldly claiming the life she wanted. In California, I received an in-person reiki session and had such a feeling of safety and joy it helped carry me into a difficult transition to leave the state.

Simbi is not a trade site where you can get free stuff, it is a way of life that enhances opportunity and your ability to grow as a person. It is a true symbiotic tool where a person gives and receives at the same time. That is exactly what makes life vibrant and exciting!

I have been on Simbi since February of this year. I see my involvement growing as I settle into my own skin, life, and claim my desires. I want to use it as a tool to connect people to resources they need to assist them, or to build joy in their lives.

It is so accessible, it is crazy to me that everyone is not on it! I love the filter to find local people to connect with and trade services. It manifests in the physical world the amazing virtual opportunities given. I know so many people who enjoy wonderful groups and experiences online but yearn for that in person connection. I truly believe Simbi is a way to continue forward in a way that is best for you. If you are really busy the virtual options are extremely helpful. When you have an opportunity, it is a quality experience to meet a fellow Simbian in real life! I will be receiving an in person reading soon too!

As I walk through my life journey it is rewarding to take part in the experiences that Simbi offers. It has brought me deeper into myself, made me more creative, and allowed me to build a foundation in owning my dreams. It is a clear and direct way to connect and communicate in a way the benefits everyone. You will find a lot of big hearts on here. People who want to listen to your pain, hear your fear, offer coping techniques, send you gifts, and make you art. It will show you new and sincere ways to be available to humanity and utilize your random joys and talents for a higher purpose. I hope you will feel inspired to join a wonderful, transformative community!

Please check out my services at https://simbi.com/raechel-winklestine/welcome and feel free to stop by my personal blog for a visit and I will return the favor as well, www.iamraechel.wordpress.com.

Wishing you all the best, I hope we will cross paths!



Raechel W.

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